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This is a Ninja Parent's Handbook Against ADHD

Overcoming ADHD Without Medication: A Guidebook for Parents and Teachers - Children and Natural Psychology Association for Youth

This is a totally highly-educational and strategic book in overcoming ADHD through organic means. We love how this book gives us the best alternative in combatting ADHD minus the scary effects of drugs. We've read a lot of books about treating ADHD and so far this one is quite guerilla. We like it!

The Most Relevant Diet Book

It's Not the Cans: The Best Nutrient Balance for a Stronger and Healthier You - Bryant Lusk

I was looking for a diet plan that works and I wanted to make sure that it really works. This book is very scientific and there's a lot I learnt from it which I never got from other resources. I'm feeling good thanks to this book!